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Actress Lillee Jean in “Miss Roxie” Official Clip

Lillee Jean made a name for herself in May of this year with her role in "Miss Roxie". Her performance in the short film is effortless as she is able to perform as two characters at once.

*AWARD: AWARD WINNER: FilmFest International Film Festival (2024) - Best Women's Film: Miss Roxie 

Lillee Jean's debut role in the short film "Miss Roxie" is absolutely captivating, as she takes on the challenging roles of both Roxie and Florence. The talented Lillee Jean skillfully portrays both the resentful Florence Kleinfeld and the unsuspecting Roxie Capri.

Actress Lillee Jean was not only the writer, but also the producer, director, and distributor of this original short film. She has been training and honing her craft at the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio, studying the Meisner Technique, and working on various dialects. This is her first foray into writing and producing her own work and is sure to be a game changer.


Lillee Jean is an actress from New York City. She has trained at the T. Schreiber Studio, intensively studying Meisner Technique and dialects. Her latest productions include two short films she directed, produced, and wrote including 'Miss Roxie' (2023), and 'Peony and Violet'. As part of her recent show, 'So Lillo Qui' she released episode 13, Bridal Belles.

Actress Lillee Jean in “Miss Roxie” Official Clip

Miss Roxie (2023)

The full short film released in May 2023.

Trailer of Miss Roxie (2023) short film:

CAST of Lillee Jean's Miss Roxie (2023)

Miss Roxie (2023)

Director: Lillee Jean Trueman

Producer: Lillee Jean Trueman

Writer: Lillee Jean Trueman

Editor: Lillee Jean Trueman

Cinematography: Lillee Jean Trueman, Laur Trueman

Lillee Jean (Roxie, Florence)


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©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This short motion picture is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America, and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, or use of all or part of this motion picture may result in civil liability, and/or criminal prosecution in accordance with applicable laws. Any likeness is solely coincidental.


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