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Lillee Jean Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

Lillee Jean Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

A skillful, witty, and vibrant young New York City actress, Lillee Jean got her start in entertainment through stop motion photography and video, inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas film as a young girl. She created her first stop-motion blog, and later performed at school performances in plays, inspiring her to where she is now, building her acting resume at 22 years old!

Training Hard!

During the Summer, Lillee Jean trained at the New York City T. Schreiber Studio for Meisner Technique and Dialects (British RP) over several weeks. Training under Page Clements, and Nick Landry, she was able to develop more of her acting style, and grow as an actress! She also trained at the Liz Caplan Vocal Studios in the Summer, to develop her operatic ability, and pinpoint her style.  In addition to singing operatic soprano and speaking conversational French, she also strongly understands dance. She has trained in ballet, jazz, and modern dance due to her numerous school productions, including adaptations of The Nutcracker and The Wizard of Oz.

Currently, to end the year she is training with skilled well-known actor Edgardo Rubio (known for (1995), Freedom Flight (2005), and My Lucky Day (1998), and talented Hollywood actor Michel Corbiere (known for Shut Up and Do It! (2007), A Show of Force (1990), and Cristina Bazán (1978). In a statement on social media the actress, ready for the new year


"Thankful, and so delighted to be training with the fam! (in the photo with) talented actor, and comedian Edgardo Rubio. I am ending the year with training from the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio for Meisner Technique and Dialects, as well as two films I directed, and wrote including Miss Roxie and, Peony and Violet. 2024 here I come!!" - Lillee Jean

These are some behind-the-scenes candid photos of Lillee Jean's training. She spent several weeks at the T. Schreiber Studio to prepare for her role as "Catherine" in Proof. She also had many fun sessions learning British RP. These photos offer a small snapshot of the hard work Lillee Jean is putting in for her craft.

(Lillee Jean BTS Audition Tape For Children Voice-Over Role + Training)

Lillee Jean behind-the-scenes takes of a children's show voiceover audition! She also has been training with actor and comedian Edgardo Rubio weekly on improv, voiceover coaching, and more.

Lillee Jean Edgardo Rubio Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

Self-Produced and Written Films

Lillee Jean has written, produced, directed, and starred in several of her own projects this year! She made her debut with Miss Roxie, a short microfilm that was extremely popular with fans. It was not just the stern Florence she played, but a very shocked Roxie! In addition, she started a new webseries called So Lillo Qui, where she practices different monologues and honed her skills. It was a full circle moment when Cafe Goodbye debuted later in the year, showcasing her British RP dialect skills, and emotional range. Other notable written pieces include a French dialogue, and an improv skit inspired by Gossip Girl this December!

Acting Demo Reels

Throughout the year, she created various acting demo reels that showcased her abilities to perform musical numbers, take center stage, deliver monologues, and provide authentic reactions in dialogue.

Hosting Reel

Singing Reel

Voice Over Reel



During this year, she identified her types with roles she can play! She can play a diverse range of characters, including a snobbish upper-class woman, a quick-witted smartie, a detective, a damsel in distress, a friendly neighbor, a popular girl, a historical figure from a different era, a romantic interest, an energetic persona, and a woman with a fiery temper who is not afraid to express herself.

Lillee Jean Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

Lillee Jean Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

Lillee Jean Acting Resume, Training and Films (2023)

Lillee Jean 2024: The New Year

Lillee Jean Acting Resume & Films (2023)

In 2024 Lillee Jean plans to continue training, and continue auditoning to further her craft! She is determined to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way and make her dreams come true. She is confident she can make it happen and she is willing to put in the hard work and dedication to make it happen. She has two projects, Agent 418, and a proposed holiday romantic comedy!

Lillee Jean Acting Resume

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is a vibrant and skillful young actress from New York City. She has trained at the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio for Meisner Technique and Dialects. Her recent film credits include a popular web series Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, with award-winning Hollywood actors, and two films she directed, and wrote including Miss Roxie, and, Peony and Violet. She is Russian/Jewish, has an operatic soprano voice, and is skilled in the British RP dialect.


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