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Lillee Jean Announces New Comedy Film 'A Holiday Together'

Lillee Jean Announces New Comedy Film 'A Holiday Together'
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Lillee Jean is currently in the process of drafting a short film called 'A Holiday Together.' She is the screenwriter, and director, and is fully committed to developing this project by 2024, and early 2025. Additionally, she has previously announced a sequel featuring her beloved characters Peony and Violet, titled 'Peony & Violet Take Deux', and a spy thriller 'Agent 418'.

This film is intended for film festivals, and, will hold auditions during the new year for main character roles (non-union accepted), and crew (cinematographer, editor). The film is currently in the drafting stage. Credit and footage will be provided. Will be seeking talent in the New York tri-state area for the New Year, must be local hire.

About A Holiday Together:


Essie and Gerry are deeply in love, but they haven't been able to meet for years. Their families are always at the center of everything, including work and other important issues. However, their religious differences present a major obstacle. Essie is a free-spirited liberal Jewish girl, while Gerry comes from a staunchly Catholic right-wing family. This makes it difficult for them to be together. As the holiday season approaches, their fortunes may change in this lighthearted family comedy film.

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is an actress from New York City. She has trained at the T. Schreiber Studio, intensively studying Meisner Technique and dialects. Her latest productions include two short films she directed, produced, and wrote including 'Miss Roxie' (2023), and 'Peony and Violet'. As part of her recent show, 'So Lillo Qui' she released episode 17, Café Goodbye, set in London. She has auditioned in New York City for Film and TV roles this Autumn and continues to train diligently.


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©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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