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Lillee Jean Announces New Film Project 'Agent 418'

Lillee Jean is currently involved in the production of a short film titled 'Agent 418.' As the writer, director, and performer, she is dedicated to developing this project into the late Autumn. In addition to her previous announcement of a sequel featuring her beloved characters Peony and Violet, entitled 'Peony & Violet Take Deux,' Lillee Jean has also taken proactive steps to enhance her acting skills by enrolling in Meisner technique classes. Also, she has also been actively taking singing lessons.

About Agent 418:

'Agent 418' will be a spy thriller about a woman named Alexandrine Bourbeau, who brings a suspect in for intense questioning. Is it Alex, who should really be questioned, however? As the plot unravels, it becomes clear that the lines between interrogator and suspect may be blurred.

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is an actress and filmmaker from New York City. Her latest productions include two short films she directed, produced, and wrote including Miss Roxie (2023), and 'Peony and Violet,'. As part of her recent show, 'So Lillo Qui', where she characterizes different monologues, she released episode 10, Barbie. Miss Roxie is her latest short drama picture now released on

Lillee Jean Announces New Film Project 'Agent 418'

Watch Miss Roxie now:

Miss Roxie is an original short film by Lillee Jean. The actress wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the lead roles in this production.

An editor and an employee are having a heated argument. As opposed to Florence Kleinfeld, Roxie Capri dedicates herself to making her life as fulfilling as possible.


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