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Lillee Jean Biography, Age, Birthday (2024) Updated

Lillee Jean 2024

Lillee Jean Bio

Lillee Jean Trueman (born April 18, 2001, in New York City) is an American actress, filmmaker, writer, and director. Lillee Jean is best known for her award-winning celebrity talk show Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, featuring award-winning Hollywood stars such as Don Most, and her breakout lead role as Roxie Capri in the Best Women’s Film award-winning short Miss Roxie.  Her latest sci-fi comedy film, 'The Trapper Trap - The Rise of Princess Glamourite', written by herself, and featuring Puerto Rican star Edgardo Rubio, marks her noteworthy debut in the film industry, wearing the hats of director, writer, and lead star. She has won 7 awards for the film and has screened in Paris! Best Trailer, Best Costume Design, and Best Comedy Short are some of the most notable achievements of the movie from FilmNest International Film Festival, Stingray International Film Festival, CinePlay International Film Festival, Gothamite Monthly Film Awards, and the Critics' Choice International Film Festival. 


Jean has written, directed, and starred in further original short comedy films, highlighting her versatility and devotion as an actress in Peony & Violet and The Pauper of Shoes.  In addition to her movies, Jean's most recent show, 'So Lillo Qui', accentuates her skills in monologues and dialogues, reflecting her continued growth as an actress.  During 2022 and2023, Jean appeared on the cover of commercial ads for Israeli brand Adah Lazorgan for their American ads. In 2024, she joined the cast of the Taste Awards Festival finalist award-winning show 'The FNL Network Talkshow' as a co-host. She won a Special Achievement Honoree award in 2024 for the Entertainment and Lifestyle News category.


Jean has trained at the renowned T. Schreiber Studio extensively studying the Meisner Technique with Nicolas Landry, various British dialects from Page Clements, and under Hollywood actors Michel Corbiere and Edgardo Rubio as comedic and voiceover coaches. She also trained at the Liz Caplan Vocal Studio, with Sheela, to hone her unique and light voice. 

Life and career

Early life and career beginnings

Lillee Jean was born on April 18, 2023. In 2023 she will be 22 years old. She is from the borough of Queens in New York City. She is Jewish and Lutheran, celebrating both religions in her family. Her ethnicity includes French and English on her father's side, and Russian/Jewish, German/Jewish, and Ukrainian on her mother's side. Her mother, Laur Trueman, is her manager. Her previous experience includes providing small props to studios.

Acting career

Filmmaking has been a passion for Lillee Jean since her first blog in which she filmed her American Girl dolls performing scripts she wrote. Her first formal production in 2017 was called 'Women's Makeup Throughout History', an exploration of women's makeup in history. A year later, in 2018 she created an educational short film on plastic straws called 'No to Plastic Straws'. In 2020, she began expanding back into her filmmaking roots and created Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, a talk-show series where popular Hollywood stars were interviewed. The following year, she launched Mind Over Beaute, and a popular limited-run series called Style Your Lillee. In late 2022, Lillee Jean announced her short film The Pauper Of Shoes set to be directed, animated, and written by herself. In early 2023, she created a new webseries titled 'So Lillo Qui', and debuted two new short films. Both short films, including Peony, Violet, and Miss Roxie, had a positive reception.

In 2023, Lillee Jean has been honing her craft. In addition to studying Meisner Technique, she also studied various dialects at the prestigious New York City T. Schrieber Studio. Currently, she is pursuing further training and working on her film Agent 418.


Lillee Jean Trueman

She has received many film accolades, including six awards for The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024), and one Best Women's Film Award for Miss Roxie (2023). She also received one Special Achievement Honoree award from The Taste Awards for co-starring on The FNL Network Talk Show.

  • Award Winner/Best Trailer - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - Stingray International Film Festival (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Trailer - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - Critics' Choice International Film Festival (2024)

  • Finalist/Best Trailer - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - FilmNest International Film Festival (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Women's Film - Miss Roxie Film (2023)  - FilmNest International Film Festival (2024)

  • Special Achievement Honoree (Award Winner) - The FNL Network Talk Show - The Taste Awards (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Trailer - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - CinePlay International Film Festival (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Comedy Short - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - Gothamite Monthly Film Awards (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Costume Design - The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - Gothamite Monthly Film Awards (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Poster- The Trapper Trap: The Rise of Princess Glamourite (2024) - Gothamite Monthly Film Awards (2024)

  • Award Winner/Best Web Series - Lillee Jean TALKS! Live With Don Most (2022) - Gothamite Monthly Film Awards (2024)

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