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Lillee Jean Interviewed on Career Goals for Authority Magazine 2023

Read an interview with Lillee Jean where she discusses her career goals, inspirations, and advice on how to succeed in your chosen field. The actress discusses her transition away from the influencer beauty industry, as well as her pursuit of more fulfilling life projects in person, such as producing and directing. The interview was published by Authority Magazine in 2023.

We’re talking about quiet quitting in this series. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a job you decided to quit?

The question asked is intriguing. As a result of the constant harassment and intrusion of the online community in my life, I quietly left the “only on social media’’ chapter. My initial interest in the beauty industry was fueled by a passion for creativity and artistry. As a result of various experiences, I learned valuable lessons about people, self-discovery, and personal growth. There was more to me than becoming a “beauty guru”, much less a YouTuber. I had a lot to contribute, and creating makeup videos daily, while getting tormented online by the same people watching them, was not worth it. My true passions lie in the fields of theater and film. I can write any story I desire, and I can emote how I wish to, with like-minded viewers who appreciate my talents. I will say, the support of my family, friends, and fans over the internet has enabled me to sharpen my entertainment skills, and I’m thankful for that. My professional development and well-being improved the most when I transitioned from an online career to filmmaking, directing, and producing. I am more satisfied with my work, and have several short films in production as we speak. I will never return to being just an online personality, and I will never return to the beauty community again. I am an actress and a filmmaker.

Lillee Jean Interviewed on Career Goals for Authority Magazine 2023

Lillee Jean Interviewed on Career Goals for Authority Magazine 2023

Lillee jean's professions include being an actress, film producer, writer, and director.

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