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Lillee Jean Is a True Romantic in New So Lillo Qui Show ‘Bridal Belles’

Actress Lillee Jean said “yes”, and “yes” a few more times!

There is a sense of excitement in the air! A new episode of So Lillo Qui has featured actress Lillee Jean playing the role of the character 'Belle'. It's time to share the exciting news with her sister Josie - Belle is getting married! Taking inspiration from Kristen Palmer's original play, the newest episode will be captivating with its vibrant energy and lighthearted, whimsical feel.

She Was Prepared for This Role

Lillee Jean Is a True Romantic in New So Lillo Qui Show ‘Bridal Belles’

Lillee Jean, a vibrant young actress from New York City, excelled as the passionate and lively Belle. Jean had just trained in several Meisner Technique classes at the renowned T. Schreiber Studio, so she knew just how to prepare for her latest monologue. With her passionate performance, she made Belle come to life as if the script hadn't existed!

The Meisner Technique has helped her to learn how to act with truth and spontaneity. In addition, she is studying dialects to become more proficient at executing different accents.

It's a So Lillo Qui Show

Lillee Jean stars in So Lillo Qui! Aside from character soliloquies, the episodic series explores theater. The best way to bring new life to a popular play is to present it with a fresh perspective, whether it's a comedy, drama, or action production. There are many monologues written by Jean herself, including original scripts and stories.

Future Projects

Lillee Jean Is a True Romantic in New So Lillo Qui Show ‘Bridal Belles’

In addition to writing her own projects, Lillee Jean is always working on her own personal growth as an actress. Currently, she is working on a spy/thriller called Agent 418. An intense moment for the main character Alexandrine will be explored in this short film! As well as writing the storyline, she will also play the lead role!

In a recent interview, the star said,

"It is an exciting project for me as it combines elements of grittiness with the constraints of a short film format."


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