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Lillee Jean Project Bullyish Trailer 2022 | Delusional Artists Reddit Abuse At 15 1/2 Cyberbullying

In Project Bullyish, Lillee Jean promotes awareness about online torment, stalking, and violations of digital civil rights. This teaser goes into a snippet of the film, by Lillee Jean, where Delusional Artists Reddit, when Lillee Jean is 15 1/2, say they want to r*pe her. When Lillee Jean's mother enters to defend her daughter, torment increases.

Among other things, it discusses the swatting that happened, and how black websites repeatedly violated Lillee Jean's digital civil rights. Several recent mass shooters have been found on those particular websites. People need to be made aware.

Lillee Jean's Project Bullyish, the second teaser. Through Bullyish, I hope to raise awareness about online cults, gangstalking, cyber stalking, and harassment. These practices need to end. Bullyish will air in 2023.

A story about Lillee Jean. Lillee Jean's story is not a YouTube video. Not a live Twitch stream. Bullyish is a true story about a real woman, then a girl. This began with a Reddit thread when Lillee was 15 1/2 accusing her of being "fake". When she was 18, a new Reddit popped up, accusing her of being fake, once again. It is believed that the 2019 thread was created by a troll who was hired to do a hit on the teenager, as the torment went on for over 3 years. The paid troll developed a fatal attraction to Lillee Jean, and, created several Twitter accounts to 24/7 stalk, and defame LJ with the very 2019 Reddit thread being reintroduced to people daily. The stalker contacted brands that Lillee Jean might have worked with, and ensured she never would be paid in the industry. The stalker amassed a group of several other people who called themselves the "Lillee Jean CLONE Cult", and within that 3-year period doxxed, called in false police tips, and violated Lillee Jean's civil rights.

This caught the eye of content farms on YouTube. These content farms use FIVERR to develop not only "VOX STYLE" videos, but, to market out hot SEO topics. This earns them money, even on a teenager. Despite the lack of evidence, these content farms put out the videos, and people became fascinated by "the girl who faked it all" and "fake it till you make it". Lillee Jean attending the Met Gala was the most notable example used.

In the screenshots that are viewable, her mother tags # firework in a fan edit of her on the red carpet, alluding to, "that's Katy Perry", and to the fact that this is an edit. Due to the manipulative marketing done by these channels, people were brainwashed into a fan fiction theory that Lillee faked going. The story was jumped upon, and further reshared by a cyberstalker on Twitter, and, multiple content farms that would continue for several years.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying Project Bullyish: DELUSIONAL ARTISTS REDDIT ABUSE AT 15 1/2 | TEASER CYBERBULLYING
Lillee Jean Project Bullyish Trailer 2022

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