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Lillee Jean Shares Throwback Photo Training at T. Schreiber Studio

Lillee Jean Shares Throwback Photo Training at T. Schreiber Studio

Lillee Jean shared with fans a throwback selfie waiting to attend class at the T. Schreiber Studio in New York City this Thursday. Captioned:

"Showbiz🎬😍! Throwback to nightly training at the T. Schreiber Studio studying the Meisner Technique with Nick, and various British dialects from Page. Just a selfie I took before class 🤳, performing Proof w/ my scene partner. Currently I’ve been training under Edgardo Rubio as comedic, improv, and VoiceOver coach which is SO MUCH FUN :)! It’s going to be needed with my projects coming up! ‘The Chorus in Our Eyes’ Film With Ken Holmes." - Lillee Jean

With her eyes set on amazing productions coming up for the summer, the sweet throwback shows the dedication Lillee has as a professional actress. She is always pushing to hone her craft and study under the best!

Classes At T. Schreiber Studio

Although Lillee has been honing her craft for several years, starting in theater productions when she was a young child, she knows there's always room for improvement! At the studio, she trained under Nicolas Landry in the Meisner Technique. The nightly class she recalls was one of the most important things she had ever completed in her entire life, which helped shape her as an actress.

In an interview with Canvas Rebel, she said, "I have found the Meisner Technique to be very eye-opening and very interesting to learn."

She also took the British RP dialect from Page Clements at the studio, which has rounded her as an actress, and is one of her favorite dialects to date. Channeling the dialect in a Cruella scene to Daphne from Bridgerton, it's been a huge step for the young upcoming actress!

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