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Lillee Jean So Lillo Qui: Marilyn | Acting Monologue Show (2023) S1.E4

It's time to enter the world of Hollywood and glamour! With an overabundance of movement, this So Lillo Qui maintains a dramatic monologue flair throughout. Lillee Jean's Marilyn take is inspired by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and emphasizes confident speech, assuredness, and soft-spoken words, all in one. The show 'So Lillo Qui' by Lillee Jean showcases different popular plays and movies from across the globe with fresh takes, done in a monologue acting style!


Lillee Jean is an actress, and filmmaker. She debuted two short films, directed, produced, and written by herself. 'The Pauper Of Shoes' (2022) is about a conniving red pump named Calvinne, who seeks revenge on the pack's leader, Jennifer. She also debuted 'Peony and Violet' (2023), about two twin sisters living in their own world.

Lillee Jean So Lillo Qui Episode 1.4: Marilyn (2023)

Lillee Jean as Marilyn Monroe acting 2023


Producer: Lillee Jean

Director: Lillee Jean


Lillee Jean (MARILYN)







©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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