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Lillee Jean 'The Pauper Of Shoes' Teaser Trailer | Short Comedy Film 2022

The Pauper of Shoes, written by Lillee Jean, explores the question of which fair maiden is the pauper of shoes: Calvinne or Jennifer? This short comedy piece, written, directed, produced, animated, and voiced by Lillee Jean, delves into the conniving red pump and Jennifer's role in it. This is the first teaser trailer!

Watch the trailer for 'The Pauper Of Shoes' by Lillee Jean:

©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is an actress. She debuted two short films, directed, produced, and written by herself including 'The Pauper Of Shoes' (2022), and 'Peony and Violet' (2023). She has a new webseries called 'So Lillo Qui', where monologues are reimagined.

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Lillee Jean 'The Pauper Of Shoes' Trailer


The Pauper Of Shoes (2022)

Director: Lillee Jean Trueman

Producer: Lillee Jean Trueman

Writer: Lillee Jean Trueman

Editor: Lillee Jean Trueman

Cinematography: Lillee Jean Trueman

Animation: Lillee Jean Trueman

Lillee Jean (Calvinne, Jessica, Jess)

Laur Trueman (Monsieur Beauté)

©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This short motion picture is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America, and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, or use of all or part of this motion picture may result in civil liability, and/or criminal prosecution in accordance with applicable laws. Any likeness is solely coincidental.


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