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Upcoming Young Hollywood: Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean actress

Lillee Jean is an American actress from New York City! She has been in various roles, from lead roles in short films to being a host on her own Hollywood interview show "Lillee Jean TALKS! Live" with award-winning celebrities such as Don Most, Shelley Wade, and Neil D'Monte. She is best known, however, for her lead role in the short film, "Miss Roxie", a project she developed, wrote, and directed herself.

Recent Show: So Lillo Qui

Featured here are stills from Lillee Jean's latest show, So Lillo Qui. In addition to the daring role of Roxie in Miss Roxie, which launched her career as a star, she played Belle in "Bridal Belles" and Elizabeth in her own original monologue, "Cafe Goodbye". As Elizabeth, she conveys deep emotion, while as Belle, expresses genuine glee. In her own words from a recent snippet in Medium,

"As a filmmaker, I carefully considered how to capture the rawness of the scenes and effectively portray color, light, and all other aspects of visual storytelling."

It is Lillee's ability to wear many hats in the entertainment industry that makes her such a formidable force. In addition to producing, writing, and directing her own pieces, Lillee also emotes deep emotion as an actress.

Continued Training and Dedication

As the SAG-AFTRA strike has ended, she is now ready to continue to hone her musicality skills, dialects, and scene study skills as well as audition for major films and TV shows! She is confident that her hard work and dedication will pay off, and she is determined to make the most of her career and reach her goals.

In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, the actress said,

"My training at the T. Schreiber Acting Studio for Meisner Technique has been instrumental in enhancing my skills as a filmmaker and improving the quality of my productions."

Her skills

She is not only an energetic, bubbly, and charismatic young actress, but she is also incredibly dedicated to her craft. The skills she showcases in her performances include most recently an excellent British RP accent, which she mastered flawlessly as Elizabeth, thanks to her training at the renowned T. Schreiber Acting Studio. In addition to her ability to sing operatic soprano, and speak conversational French, she also has a strong understanding of dance. Ballet, jazz, and modern dance are among her pieces of training due to the many productions she performed in at school, including adaptions of The Nutcracker and The Wizard of Oz! Currently, Lillee is training in stage combat this Winter, is continuing to hone her unique singing voice, and plans to continue sharpening her dialects to be the best performer she can be.

Future Projects In Film & TV

Lillee Jean actors headshot
Lillee Jean Headshot

Currently, Lillee Jean is working on her short film Agent 418. Her passion for writing comes from her heart, and she is extremely passionate about each of the projects she produces! She will also begin auditioning for major film and TV roles now that the strikes are over, as acting is her greatest passion. For the contact of her representation, showreel, headshots, and résumé see below.

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