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Productions Privacy Policy + Terms


Welcome to the terms of use for Lillee Jean Productions. These terms are between you and the entity providing the Lillee Jean Productions video to you, which resides at  Your Lillee Jean Productions service may change occasionally, with or without prior notice (unless required by applicable law). Please read these terms, along with the Privacy NoticeConditions of Use, and Lillee Jean Productions Usage Rules applicable to you, and all other rules and policies related to the Lillee Jean Productions Video (including, but not limited to, any rules or usage provisions specified on any detail page or on any help or other informational page for the Lillee Jean Productions Video) (collectively, this "Agreement"). If you are located in the UK, European Union or Brazil, the Privacy Notice, the Cookies Notice, and the Interest-Based Ads Notice are not part of your Agreement. The versions of these policies and notices applicable to you are available for your review to understand how we handle your personal information. Each time you visit, browse, or use the Lillee Jean Productions service, you accept this Agreement on behalf of yourself and all household members and others who use the Service under your account—Lavender Fleur Productions films and productions under Lillee Jean Beauty.


Lillee Jean Productions (the "Service") offers personalized streaming, of unique webseries, shows, video content (collectively, "Digital Content"), and other services as provided in this Agreement. There are several ways to access the Service and Digital Content, including through the Lillee Jean website. Services are governed by separate terms made available in the apps, websites, or devices you use to access those services. If you are under 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your location, you may use the Service only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. 


In order to stream or download Digital Content, you will need to use a personal computer, portable media player, or another device that meets the system and compatibility requirements that we establish from time to time (a "Compatible Device"). We may change the requirements for Compatible Devices from time to time and, in some cases, whether a device is (or remains) a Compatible Device may depend on software or systems provided or maintained by the device manufacturer or other third parties.


The Digital Content (including subtitled and dubbed audio versions of Digital Content), will vary over time and by location. You may not use any technology or technique to obscure or disguise your location.



The Service may allow you to: (i) purchase Digital Content for pay-per-view viewing over a limited period of time ("PPV Digital Content"), and/or (v) access Digital Content on a free, ad-supported or promotional basis for viewing over a limited period of time ("Free Digital Content"). Digital Content may be available as Subscription Digital Content (TBA), Rental Digital Content, PPV Digital Content, Free Digital Content, or any combination of those, and in each case is subject to the limited license grant below. All rights reserved is the main license. 

Usage Rules

Your use of Digital Content is subject to the Lillee Jean Site Usage Rules (the "Usage Rules"). The Usage Rules provide important information, including the time period during which you are authorized to view different types of Digital Content (the "Viewing Period") and limitations on the number and type of Compatible Devices on which each type of Digital Content may be downloaded, streamed, and viewed.


Purchase and Rental Transactions; Cancellations. Except as described in this paragraph, all transactions for Purchased Digital Content, Rental Digital Content, and PPV Digital Content are final, and we do not accept returns of such Digital Content. You may not cancel an order for Purchased Digital Content or Rental Digital Content once you have started watching such Digital Content. The release date of pre-ordered Digital Content is subject to change. 

Payment Methods

The billing terms described below will apply to your subscription, or, purchase.

  • If we are unable to process your payment using your designated payment method, we reserve the right to charge any payment method we have on file for you.

  • If you signed up for your video-only subscription or membership through a third party and are not billed directly by us, then the billing terms provided by the third party will apply to your subscription or membership.

  • Promotional Trials. We sometimes offer eligible customers various trial or other promotional memberships, which are subject to this Agreement except as otherwise stated in the promotional offers. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine your eligibility.

Limited License to Digital Content

Subject to payment of any charges to rent, purchase, or access Digital Content, and your compliance with all terms of this Agreement, Lillee Jean Beauty grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited license, during the applicable Viewing Period, to access and view the Digital Content in accordance with the Usage Rules, for personal, non-commercial, private use. We may automatically remove Digital Content from your Compatible Device after the end of its Viewing Period. The license remains all rights reserved.


Any pirating of content shall not be tolerated. Copyright protection is automatically granted as soon as the original piece is created. No fair use is given. All short motion picture's produced by Lillee Jean Productions, are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America, and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, or use of all or part of this motion picture may result in civil liability, and/or criminal prosecution in accordance with applicable laws.

Availability of Purchased Digital Content

Purchased Digital Content will generally continue to be available to you for download or streaming from the Service, as applicable, but may become unavailable.  


Playback Quality; Streaming. The playback resolution and quality of the Digital Content you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the type of Compatible Device on which you are accessing the Digital Content and your bandwidth, which may increase or decrease over the course of your viewing. If we detect that Digital Content we are streaming to you may be interrupted or may otherwise not play properly due to bandwidth constraints or other factors, we may decrease the resolution and file size of the streamed Digital Content in an effort to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience. While we strive to provide you with a high-quality viewing experience, we make no guarantee as to the resolution or quality of the Digital Content you will receive when streaming, even if you have paid extra for access to high-definition, ultra-high-definition, or high-dynamic-range content.

General Restrictions. You may not (i) transfer, copy or display the Digital Content, except as permitted in this Agreement; (ii) sell, rent, lease, distribute, or broadcast any right to the Digital Content; (iii) remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Digital Content; (iv) attempt to disable, bypass, modify, defeat, or otherwise circumvent any digital rights management or other content protection system used as part of the Service; or (v) use the Service or Digital Content for any commercial or illegal purpose.


We may make available software for your use in connection with the Service ("Software"). The Service and Software may provide Lillee Jean Productions with information relating to your use and the performance of the Service and Software, as well as information regarding the devices on which you download and use the Service and Software. For example, the Software may provide Lillee Jean Productions with information related to the Digital Content that you download and stream and your use of that Digital Content (such as whether and when you viewed the Digital Content, which may, among other things, help us measure the Viewing Period for Rental Digital Content). Any information we receive is subject to the Lillee Jean Site Privacy Policy.



We may terminate your access to the Service, including any subscription available as part of the Service, at our discretion without notice (except as may be required by applicable law). If you violate any of the terms of this Agreement, your rights under this Agreement will automatically terminate without notice, and Lillee Jean Productions, at its discretion, may immediately revoke your access to the Service and to Digital Content without refund of any fees. In such event, you must delete all copies of Digital Content that you have downloaded.

Explicit Content; By using the Service, you agree to use the Service at your sole risk, and Lillee Jean Productions has no liability to you for any content. Content types, genres, categories, and descriptions are provided for convenience, and Lillee Jean Productions does not guarantee their accuracy.

Updates and Modification of Service: Lillee Jean Productions,  might issue updates for the Service, Digital Content, and Software where required to do so by law. Lillee Jean Productions may also modify the Service (including any subscription), any Digital Content and /or Software from time to time: (i) to improve existing, or add new, functionality and/or features; (ii) to make reasonable technical changes; (iii) to ensure the ongoing operability of the Service or (iv) for legal or security reasons, where considered reasonably necessary by Lillee Jean Productions. You agree that updates and modifications may be carried out or applied automatically, without you needing to take any action. Lillee Jean will not be liable to you should it exercise such rights, even if your ability to use Digital Content is impacted by the change. Episodic features may be limited. We constantly are improving.  Please contact if you encounter an issue. Viewer discretion is advised for those with sensitivity to light. 

Amendments. Lillee Jean Productions reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement for legal or regulatory reasons; for security reasons; to enhance existing features or add additional features to the Service; to reflect advancements in technology; to make reasonable technical adjustments to the Service, and to ensure the ongoing operability of the Service at any time by posting the revised terms in connection with the Service or on your Video Marketplace. You will be able not to accept these changes by canceling your membership at any time. To the maximum extent permitted by law, your continued use of the Service or Software following any changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes. 

Reservation of Rights: The Service, Software, and the Digital Content embody intellectual property that is protected by law. Copyright owners of Digital Content are intended third-party beneficiaries under the Agreement. Our failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with the Agreement will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights. 

Disputes/Conditions of Use. Any dispute or claim arising from or relating to this Agreement or the Service is subject to the governing law, disclaimer of warranties, and limitation of liability. You agree to those terms on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who use the Service under your account by using the Service. YOU MAY ALSO BE ENTITLED TO CERTAIN CONSUMER PROTECTION RIGHTS UNDER THE LAWS OF YOUR LOCAL JURISDICTION.

Limitation of Liability: Without limiting the disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability in the Lillee Jean Productions Conditions of Use (i) in no event shall our or our Digital Content providers' total liability to you for all damages arising from your use of the Service, the Digital Content, or information, materials or products included on or otherwise made available to you through the Service, exceed the amount you paid to us over the past 12 months to purchase, rent, or view the Digital Content related to your claim for damages. The limitations in this section will apply to you even if the remedies fail of their essential purpose.


Purchased Videos

  • Ways to Watch: When you purchase a video for on-demand viewing, we'll make it available to you to stream:

    • Streaming: You may stream purchased videos online through your web browser and other compatible Internet-connected devices.

  • Viewing Period: Indefinite -- you may watch and re-watch your purchased videos as often as you want and as long as you want (subject to the limitations described in the Lillee Jean Productions Terms of Use).


Rental Videos

  • Ways to Watch: When you rent a video for on-demand viewing, we will make it available to you to stream as follows:

    • Streaming: You may stream rented videos online through your web browser and compatible Internet-connected devices. 

  • Viewing Period: For rental videos, you'll typically have 24-48 hours to finish watching the video once you have commenced streaming. 

Free Videos

  • Ways to Watch: Videos available for free as part of a promotion or with advertisements are only available for online streaming on compatible devices. They are not available for download.

  • Viewing Period: You may be eligible to watch videos for free at any time the video is designated as free on its detail page. Videos might have in-stream ads, which in that case view the Privacy Policy.

Updates to this policy are made regularly. Subject to change. For accessibility see here

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