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Copyright Statement

All images are copyrighted © 2015-2024 Lillee Jean Trueman.

In accordance with the copyright laws, any and all images appearing on the Lillee Jean website,, all social media pages associated with Lillee Jean, consisting of but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, as well as any images photographed and captured are the exclusive property of Lillee Jean and are protected under the United States and International Copyright laws.

Copyright and ownership of images taken by Lillee Jean will always be retained by Lillee Jean. Unless given written authorization, the site user is forbidden by law from copying any images created by Lillee Jean.

The images may not be reproduced, printed, copied, transmitted, or manipulated without the written permission of Lillee Jean.  The use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept, illustration, or reproduction (digital, artist-rendered, or alike) is a violation of the law and is strictly prohibited.  

Unless otherwise noted, the content of this site (both text and image) is copyrighted by Lillee Jean (Lillee Jean Beauty Inc.). All Rights Reserved, and protected under U.S. Copyright law. For more information about the Copyright Act, making copies, and locating a copyright owner, scroll down to the appropriate section.

Several pieces are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and can be searched accordingly. All rights are reserved. 
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