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Lillee Jean The Chorus In Our Eyes Film

The Chorus in Our Eyes

ROM-COM, COMEDY | 2024 release.

Two people run into each other on a typical Central Park day, and things turn upside down for Deborah in her perfectly square life. Will love be in her future, or is it another road down memory lane?

Writer: Lillee Jean Trueman

Co-Writer: Ken Holmes

Producer(s): Lillee Jean Productions;Rain & Neon Productions; Lillee Jean Trueman; Laura Rene Marks-Trueman (Laur Trueman)

Director: Lillee Jean Trueman

Editor: Lillee Jean Trueman

Costume Design: Lillee Jean Trueman

Editor/Graphics/Media: Lillee Jean Trueman

Set Design Manager: Laur Trueman


KEN HOLMES as Enrique Silver

LILLEE JEAN as Deborah Shine

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